Meta-analysis of pharmacist-led and pharmacist-physician intervention on blood pressure control

Submitted: 12 January 2021
Accepted: 9 February 2021
Published: 24 September 2021
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Effective intervention is a significant component in the improvement of blood pressure control and patient adherence. Blood pressure control includes different self-monitoring techniques, mobile health monitoring, or healthcare professionals' interventions. This study aims to compare, analyze, and interpret the effectiveness of pharmacist-physician collaboration and pharmacist- led interventions. Meta-analysis was performed using MEDLINE via PubMed, EMBASE, EBSCO, Web of Science, Scopus, and the Cochrane Library databases between 2008-2018. Of the 51 relevant systematic reviews identified, 15 were of sufficient quality and included in the data synthesis. The breakdown of the 15 included 7 (n=2026) pharmacist and 8 pharmacist-physician interventions (n=2361). The impact of pharmacist-physician collaboration and pharmacist-led interventions on Systolic Blood Pressure was -8.22 (-11.01; -5.42) (P<0.01) and -7.68 (-9.30; -6.06) (P=0.35), respectively. On the other hand, similar correlation for Diastolic Blood Pressure for the impact of pharmacist-physician collaboration and pharmacist-led interventions was -3.55 (-4.54; -2.55) (P=0.49) and -2.58 (-3.76; -1.39) (P=0.24), respectively. These results suggest that both interventions are effective for blood pressure control. However, when two meta-analyses were compared, it was found that pharmacist-physician collaboration was more effective than pharmacist-led interventions. This finding highlights the importance of multidisciplinary approaches during blood pressure control procedures. When a holistic view is considered; especially cost-effectiveness, future studies must be diversified to encompass a broader context and impact analysis.



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