Benefits for Reviewers

Why review?

Writing a review report is a time-taking process, however it is worthwhile becoming a reviewer. This task gives you benefits, among others:

  • keep up with the latest research results; not only, you have the opportunity to help evaluating and improving.
  • develop critical thinking skills essential to research.
  • improve your own writing.
  • advance in your career – peer review is an essential role for researchers.
  • authors and reviewers are frequently interchangeable roles – as reviewer, scholars repay the same consideration they receive as authors.

Acknowledging reviewers in ways that serve them

Editors and journals usually openly acknowledge their reviewers by publishing a "Thank you” list annually. Not only, the Italian Journal of Medicine wants their reviewers’ hard work be certified and rewarded, offering at the same time to reviewers an easy tool to track their activity. As a rewarding way to recognize the reviewers’ activity, the Italian Journal of Medicine has joined ReviewerCredits, the most comprehensive platform to certify, measure and reward the activity of scientists as Peer Reviewers. Each review you will perform for Italian Journal of Medicine will be validated by the Editor, it will be added to your personal certificate and will entitle you to virtual credits.

We therefore encourage you to register as a reviewer on the ReviewerCredits platform and claim reviews performed for this Journal. Certification and benefits:

  • Trusted and globally recognised certification (you can download from your account a PDF certificate document detailing all activities we have certified for you, showing all your completed reviews);
  • Joining is free and easy;
  • All your reviews are collected in one place;
  • Build your personal reviewer index;
  • Earn Reviewer Credits.

About ReviewerCredits

ReviewerCredits has been launched in 2017 and is accredited by the University of Milan-Bicocca. Its core business is the development, maintenance and upgrade of an online platform which has the purpose of certifying peer reviews and conference talks. It is listed as an innovative startup in the Italian company register.

About the partnership

Michele Moscato, PAGEPress CEO, says: "Reviewers are the driving force behind our journals: we are extremely grateful to their valuable input towards our papers. I believe ReviewerCredits will enhance their value by recognizing their activity as reviewers, at the same time enabling them to have a tangible value for their hard work".