Massive splenic infarction in a patient with pneumococcal septic shock and unknown celiac disease

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Alessandro Graziani *
Pierpaolo Casalini
Federica Mirici Cappa
Francesco Albertini
Erica Fiorini
Giampaolo Ugolini
Leonardo Rasciti
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alessandro Graziani |


Splenic infarction (SI) is a rare event occurring when the splenic artery or its branches become occluded by embolus or by in situ thrombosis. Many SI events are a result of embolic sources either cardiac or aortic. Massive splenic infarction (MSI) results from compromised blood flow to more than half of the spleen. In this paper we describe a case of a previously healthy patient who presented with pneumococcal sepsis who, upon investigation, revealed an unknown celiac disease and a MSI. Abdominal ultrasound with contrast agent was a useful tool for a diagnosis and follow up of this patient.

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Giampaolo Ugolini, Surgical Department, Faenza Hospital, Faenza (RA)

Direttore Chirurgia Ospedale Faenza

Leonardo Rasciti, Internal Medicine Department, S. Maria delle Croci Hospital, Ravenna

Direttore Medicina Interna Ravenna