The internal medicine specialist and neurosurgery


BACKGROUND The neurosurgical patient is often a real challenge for the physicians, because of a frequent multimorbidity and a higher risk for severe complications. Cooperation between internal medicine specialist and neurosurgeon is essential to prevent the fatal effects of cranial and spinal injuries. The topic issues of medical interest in neurosurgery are the disorders of sodium balance, the glycemic control, the thromboembolic risk, the intracerebral bleeding management and the infective problems. The neurosurgeons could be worried by treating these complications that are mostly of internal medicine interest and that could unfortunately rise the risk of death or irreversible insults.
AIM OF THE REVIEW This review summarizes the modality of diagnosis and therapy of the foremost concerns in neurosurgical field.


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Neurosurgical problem, Glycemic control, Thromboembolic risk, Neurosurgical bleeding.
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Pizzini, A., Silingardi, M., Iori, I., Zaccaroni, S., Vezzadini, C., & Zoni, R. (2013). The internal medicine specialist and neurosurgery. Italian Journal of Medicine, 1(3), 12-20.