The management of the patient with osteoporosis: from evidence to clinical practice

  • Immacolata Ambrosino | Private Practitioner in Geriatrics, ASL Maglie (LE), Italy.
  • Angela Riccardo Private Practitioner in Physiatrics, Napoli, Italy.
  • Paola Gnerre Department of Internal Medicine, San Paolo Hospital, Savona, Italy.
  • Grace Massiah Private Practitioner in Plastic Surgery, Bari, Italy.
  • Laura Castelnovo Department of Medicine Saronno Hospital, ASST della Valle Olona, Saronno (VA), Italy.
  • Riccardo Muscariello Department of Internal Medicine, A. Maresca Hospital, Torre del Greco (NA), Italy.
  • Marco Vacante Department of Surgery and Geriatrics, University of Catania, Italy.


Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease and is an important problem of public health. In fact, it represents the main cause of age-related fractures and disabilities with a consequent increasing sanitary, social and economic impact. Unfortunately, often osteoporosis is not as thoroughly investigated as it would be desirable and it is underestimated in diagnosis and therapy. The aim of this monograph is to sensitize medical internists to a careful evaluation and an efficacious treatment of osteoporosis in order to reduce the risks of this disease, in particular the fractures, with a view to improving the quality of patients’ life.



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Osteoporosis, fractures, risk factors, bone mineral density.
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Ambrosino, I., Riccardo, A., Gnerre, P., Massiah, G., Castelnovo, L., Muscariello, R., & Vacante, M. (2017). The management of the patient with osteoporosis: from evidence to clinical practice. Italian Journal of Medicine, 11(3), 253-266.