Stroke treatment in Stroke Unit: from scientific evidences to clinical practice


Background: In themanagement of stroke disease, evidences fromthe literature demonstrate that the introduction of stroke units, hospital wards with dedicated beds providing intensive care within 48 hours of symptoms’ onset, produced a real improvement in the outcome, reducing in-hospital fatality cases and increasing the proportion of patients independently living in long term follow-up.
Discussion: The article focuses on stroke disease-management, suggesting a stroke integrated approach for the admission of patients on dedicated beds, in order to extend the ‘‘stroke care’’ approach outcomes to as many hospitals as possible in Italy. This approach implies the set up of a stroke network for an effective patients’ stratification according to the severity of the illness at debut; the set up of an integrated team of specialists in hospital management of the acute phase (first 48 hours) and a timely rehabilitation treatment. Ultimately the hospital should be organized according to department’s semi-intensive areas in order to assure to the patients, in the early stage of the disease, a timely high intensity care aimed to improve the long term outcome.


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Health Management
Stroke Unit care, Disease management, Multi-disciplinary approach, Specialists’ team.
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Stornello, M., & Pietrantonio, F. (2013). Stroke treatment in Stroke Unit: from scientific evidences to clinical practice. Italian Journal of Medicine, 3(4), 239-243.

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