Primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly population

Published: 17 May 2024
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The epidemic of chronic cardiovascular diseases must be managed and prevented. We examine if a sample of 65-75-yearolds knows and practices the right lifestyles to prevent chronic cardiovascular diseases, their habits and risk levels, and whether the paradigm of cardiovascular prevention needs to change. We recruited 153 men (50.2%) and 152 women (49.8%), aged 65- 70 for 55% and 71-75 for 45%. Most were overweight (38.2%), obese (28.2%), and normal (33.6%). 67.1% trusted to eat right, and only 20.6% always ate low-salt. 54.4% of our population considers their exercise sufficient, but 83% do not practice it, and 72.3% know the importance of daily exercise. 54.3% consider themselves healthy, but 51% have chronic diseases, including arterial hypertension (37.2%), diabetes (23.1%), heart failure (20.5%), and chronic obstructive bronchopathy (21.8%). Understanding the disease, its effects, and complications, and taking care of one’s health can help people live longer and prevent cardiovascular events.



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