Clinical factors affecting short- and long-term mortality in older patients with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study

Published: 8 March 2024
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The majority of fatal cases of SARS-CoV-2 was concentrated among older patients. We aimed at assessing risk factors contributing to mortality in this population. A retrospective study including 584 COVID-19 patients aged ≥80 years hospitalized between October 10th 2020 to May 4th 2021 at Ospedale di Circolo (Varese, Italy) and Ospedale Galmarini (Tradate, Italy) was conducted. Evaluation of risk factors associated with in-hospital mortality was the primary endpoint. 509 patients were considered. Median age was 86 [82-89] years. Almost half of the patients (n=241) suffered from ≥3 comorbidities. Overall in-hospital mortality was 39.7% (n=202). Age, chronic kidney disease (CKD), peripheral oxygen saturation at admission, and high-flow oxygen during hospital stay independently predicted in-hospital mortality. Overall mortality at 6 months was 57.8% (n=294) and increased with increasing age and number of comorbidities (P<0.05). Age, CKD, and dementia independently predicted 6-month mortality. Age and comorbidities predicted short- and long-term mortality in older patients (≥80 years). Stratification of patients according to age and comorbidities might provide critical information for a better management of elderly patients.



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